Wyoming Covid-19 Relief Packet

Dear Johnson/Sheridan County Business Proprietor:

Attached is a PDF package I have prepared from the recent special session of the Wyoming Legislature, aimed primarily at relief for business owners.

A couple of key points:

  • Lawsuit immunity from Covid-19 claims was passed.  See SF 1001 in the packet.  Covid-19 illness in the workplace is made a compensable injury, the funds come from the federal government and does NOT count against your Worker Comp experience rating.  For non-workforce potential Covid-19 claims (for example, a customer sues saying they got Covid-19 in your business place) see SF 1001 which creates a “good faith” immunity for any business immunity.  Perfect? No, but it is the best I could get and is still pretty good.
  • The monetary relief program is for GRANTS, not loans.  See SF 1004.
    • The program will be administered through the Wyoming Business Council in Cheyenne
    • The Application form has not yet been created BUT I think it prudent to start putting together the materials you think will help demonstrate the harm your business suffered.  A very rough draft of an application for is enclosed – no guarantee the final form will look like this.
    • Priority goes to those who did not or were not able to get PPP loans.
    • The relief is aimed at those businesses ordered to close AND those businesses that weren’t ordered to close but were affected by the crisis.

Please check back for updates as more information is obtained.  Also, if you have feedback on how the program is working – or not – please email me at Dave.Kinskey@WyoLeg.gov.  I can then work to try to fix any snafus.

Working together we can come back from this adversity.  I firmly believe our best days yet lie ahead.


Dave Kinskey